Cosmetic Tattooing/ Microblading 

A semi-permanent technique for enhancing the appearance of your eyebrows 


Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
During our Deep Pore Cleansing Facial we focus on giving the skin a “deep clean”. We start by double cleansing the skin with an appropriate cleanser and steam. We manually exfoliate any dead skin off of the surface. The majority of this facial focuses on Extractions, we remove all oil and dirt buildup along with any blackheads or whiteheads. Finally, we apply a calming mask followed by a serum and SPF.
Dermaplaning Facial
Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation that uses a tiny blade to remove all dead skin and peach fuzz from the surface of your skin. We start by double cleansing the skin and disinfecting the surface. The surface is derma planed, steamed and extracted. We apply a calming mask followed by a serum and SPF, you are left with a completely clean slate.

Micro-Current Facial Sculpting
Microcurrent Facials are a celebrity favorite, this treatment is used to tighten and smooth the muscles and connective tissues in the face by increasing cellular activity. This facial is also known as a “work out” for your face as it works the facial muscles resulting in a more sculpted toned appearance. Enjoy no down time and no discomfort during this treatment.
Radio-Frequency Skin Tightening
Radio Frequency is a popular treatment used to build collagen, restore skin elasticity and tighten the skin. Reveal a tighter, smoother and more contoured appearance with no pain or downtime. For best results these treatments are recommended in a series and are done once every two weeks. We like to finish this facial with a complimentary Hydro-Jelly Mask. These masks are a great way to lock in moisture and give the skin an extra glow.
Hydro-Facial is a client favorite, this machine gives you a deep cleanse and a long-lasting GLOW. We start by double cleansing the skin with steam. The first step of the Hydro-Facial is a cleanse using our handpiece that suctions out any congestion and oil while infusing serums at the same time. This allows your skin to be extracted and hydrated at the same time. We do a tiny enzyme peel just to loosen up any blackheads. During this facial you receive extractions with the machine and manually. Finally, we infuse an anti-aging serum followed up with a serum and SPF.
Micro Needling Facial
Micro needling also known as Collagen Induction Therapy is used to improve the overall appearance of your skin. This treatment is great for targeting fine lines and wrinkles, pitted acne scars, large pores, uneven skin texture, pigmentation and much more. We use tiny needles to cause a controlled trauma to the skin which results in collagen being built. This treatment is safe for all skin types, great results with minimal downtime.
Chemical Peel
Chemical Peels are used to remove the top layers of your skin, the skin that comes back is brand new smooth skin. These treatments are used to target unwanted fine lines and wrinkles, active acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and the overall appearance of your skin. The type of peel that we choose is decided during our complimentary consultation. Each peel is different in strength so downtime depends on the type of chemical that we use.
All of the above services can be customized to fit your individual needs


Eyebrow Clean Up & Tint
Clean and tint your brows, we start by mapping out the eye brow making sure everything is even followed up by our natural tint. Eyebrow tint usually lasts about 1-2 weeks, it is a great way to define your brow.  

Eye Lash Lift & Tint
Eye Lash Lift is a service that perms your eyelashes, the lash lift involves boosting and lifting each individual lash. After we perm the lash, we tint them leaving you with thicker darker longer looking lashes.
Eyelash Extensions - Natural
EyeLash Extensions are customized based on the clients' eyes and preference. A lash extension treatment involves applying individual synthetic lashes onto each natural eyelash to add extra length and volume. Treatment time varies based on the design you choose. Your first set generally lasts about 3-4 weeks before having to fill them in.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that creates hair-like strokes with the use of a manual pen containing very small needles. We tattoo one hair stroke at a time to build the perfect brow for you. During our consultation we discuss the desired shape and color. The first session is used to build your brow, 3-4 weeks later we schedule your touch up which is the “perfecting” appointment. Each eye brow is customized to fit your face. Achieve the perfect brow with little down time. Generally, after the first two sessions your brows won't need a touchup for about 8-12 months.


LED Light Therapy
LED Light Therapy can be added to any service. We have a wide variety of color wavelengths to target each individual need.

Dermaplaning can be added onto any service to enhance results.

Customizable Masks
Masks can be custom mixed to treat your individual needs.  


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